Another valuable addition to your estate planning is going to be setting up a trust. You can use these in place of wills or with them. The big difference between trusts and wills is that trusts are usually managed by a “trustee,” who is a third party that will oversee the distribution of your assets. Depending on your lifestyle you can create two kinds of trusts. A testamentary trust, which goes into effect after your death, or a living trust, which goes into effect while you are still alive. If you don’t know which trust may be best for you, reach out to a trust attorney at Lackey & Lackey, PLLC in Nashville are here to help you discuss all your options with confidentiality and care.

Trusts can keep your family from going through the strain of probate and can help you designate who you would like to give personal items and heirlooms to. If you would like that additional peace of mind that your loved ones will be taken care of after your passing, then a trust may be the perfect thing for you. Due to all the options you have when it comes to creating a trust, it is in your best interest to speak with an estate planning attorney with Lackey & Lackey, PLLC based in Nashville and serving Davidson and surrounding counties. Let them help you create a trust that suits your unique lifestyle.

Choosing an estate planning attorney can be a big decision, but luckily for you Lackey & Lackey, PLLC in Nashville is here to help you make that decision a little easier. Reach out for your consultation today.