Family Law
Family Law

Family Law

While family struggles may be a part of life, it’s also important to be prepared if any situation arises or is in need of restructure. Bumps in the road can be less rough with an experienced family law attorney and that is where Lackey & Lackey, PLLC in Nashville can fit your unique family structure. We know the importance of being able to handle family issues with the least amount of hassle and stress possible, so let us help guide you through these emotional and complex periods of life. Our law firm is skilled and educated in many areas of family law including:

    • Divorce/ Dissolution of Marriage
    • Equitable Division of Assets/ Asset Division
    • Alimony
    • Child Support

It’s never fun when family disputes happen, but they do happen regardless, so make sure you have a family law attorney to help support you and your needs, as well as find the best solution and outcome for all parties involved. Lackey & Lackey, PLLC in Nashville will fight for you and yours when it comes to co-parenting agreements, divorce terms, or mediation, if necessary, after divorce. The word divorce can be ugly, but the days that follow don’t have to be. Let us help you navigate this phase of life with the compassion and care you deserve.

Reach out to our law firm today for your consultation. The days may be dark right now, but the future is sure to be bright with the right family law attorney looking out for you and yours. Our family law services are available to clients in Davidson and all surrounding counties.